Patient Responsibility Estimation

Today, patient payment estimates are a necessary element to increase collections at or before the time of service. Healthcare providers are using estimates not only as a means to increase POS collections, but also to increase client satisfaction by educating the consumer about their benefits and financial responsibility.

The ClearQuote™ patient anticipated cost of treatment solution offers providers a secure, web-based solution that combines information from payer contracts, historic charges, and current patient benefits to calculate the patient's out of pocket responsibility.

ClearQuote guides users through a five step process to capture necessary patient demographic, procedure, and benefit information to generate a financial responsibility estimation letter for the patient.

ClearQuote Advantages:

  • Estimate patient portions at time of service
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Set patient financial expectations
  • Facilitates patient benefit education
  • Allow patient to financially plan
  • Reduce patient receivables and bad debt

ClearQuote is a trademarked name owned by TransUnion LLC

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