Payment Assessment Services

HDX Payment Assessment Services provide address verification and payment risk assessment solutions to increase the efficiencies of the registration, financial counseling and collections workflows within the revenue cycle. Combined with HDX's essential integration features, the Payment Advisor Suite™, Address Checker™, and Collection Optimization™ solutions enable providers to receive high quality data, web-based work listing tools, and payment assessment solutions to support their business.

Address Checker™ The Address Checker service offers an affordable solution to dramatically improve patient/guarantor address accuracy. Address Checker features the following:

  • Validation and correction of patient's demographic
  • Normalization of all returned address information to meet US Postal standards
  • Patient ID fraud detection tools

Payment Advisor Suite™ The Payment Advisor Suite enables organizations to properly identify and classify patients and initiate the corresponding workflow. Features of Payment Advisor Suite include:

  • Payment likelihood prediction
  • Workflow-enabled financial assistance screening
  • Address Checker features

Collection Optimization™ Collections Optimization enables clients to maximize the productivity of their collections staff - whether in-house or outsourced agency - through a targeted approach that reflects patients' differing abilities to pay. Prioritizing accounts and implementing communications efforts that apply specifically to each patient segment facilitates a greater collection percentage of money owed, and also may improve patient satisfaction.

This all-inclusive solution combines the current HDX Payment Assessment address verification and propensity to pay features with a six point prescription for managing collections: Screening, Segmentation, Routing, Performance Management, Monitoring, and Consulting. This offering provides healthcare organizations with critical data and tailored strategies for a patient-friendly model for account collections that facilitates stronger financial performance. This offering is made available through Cerners relationship with Experian Healthcare (previously known as SearchAmerica) as are the other services in the HDX Payment Assessment portfolio.

Address Checker and Payment Advisor Suite are trademarked names owned by Experian Healthcare.

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