HDX's Integrated Revenue Cycle EDI Solution helps healthcare enterprises to improve and optimize their enterprise-wide revenue cycle performance by supporting industry recognized best practices and key performance indicators. The services are designed to support each aspect of the revenue cycle workflow, taking advantage of the standardization made possible by HIPAA's transactions and code sets rules in order to offer a complete patient financial service solution.

Coupled together, HDX's HIS-based integrated EDI services and web-based applications will enable your organization to meet the challenges of the emerging world of e-commerce in healthcare today.

Integrated Eligibility Service
Receive fast and accurate response to coverage inquiries with our HDX Integrated Eligibility Service.

HDXpress (web-based & batch eligibility checking)
HDX offers web-based applications to further address your business needs. HDXpress provides an HIS-agnostic, browser-based eligibility verification solution. Automated batch eligibility processing is included.

Payment Assessment Services
Improve your ability to minimize financial risk via state-of-the-art payment financial assessment solutions – Address Checker™ and Payment Advisor Suite™, and Collection Optimization™.

Patient Anticipated Cost of Treatment
Increase collections at or before the time of service by estimating patients' financial responsibility

Integrated Notifications, Authorizations and Referrals
Enable electronic referral and precertification inquiries and send notifications and referral authorization requests with our Integrated Notifications and Referrals Service.

Claims Management Service
Produce accurate electronic claims with our Claims Management Service.

Electronic Remittance Service
Transform the administration of payment remittance into an efficient cost-saving process with our HDX Electronic Remittance Service.

Accelerate the receipt of payments and integrate online payment capabilities with our ePayments service.

Patient Friendly Statements
Maximize the efficiency of your business office with HDX Patient Friendly Statements – a quick and easy billing solution.

Lock Box Service
Automate an average of 98% of your patient payments and remittances with our Lock Box Service.

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"HDX is a terrific partner to work with. Our experience working with them has been that they are responsive to our requests and are very results oriented. Their time to resolution for any issue is very swift."
Glenn Bevil
Senior Director of Revenue Cycle
Erlanger Health Systems


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