HDXpress HDXpress extends the Integrated Eligibility Service to any healthcare provider with Web-browser access to the Internet. It allows customers to dispense with the need to depend on telephone, fax, or standalone point-of-service entry/response devices. Flexible inquiry submission and automated batch file processing, reporting, historical review of requests and responses, and exportable files are all made possible using syngo® presentation standards and style guides.

The HDXpress reporting function also supports statistical, detailed, and work listing capabilities, and includes discrepancy reporting. Other features include payer-specific presentation, user authentication, and data security designed to comply with HIPAA standards.

Automated Batch Processing

The HDXpress delivery platform for EDI services offers another convenient option for submitting batches and automating the delivery of results through its Automated Batch feature. Batch files can be automatically retrieved by HDX from a secure FTP server location and processed through HDXpress. Results files are automatically delivered to a secure FTP server location.

Automated Batch includes standard use of HDX's secure FTP server for retrieval and delivery of files. On-line access to transactions submitted through Automated Batch is available through HDXpress with the same features/functions that are available for manually submitted/uploaded batches.

The Automated Batch solution

  • substantially reduces manual effort in processing batches for Eligibility based on scheduling automatic retrieval of inquiry/request batches and scheduling delivery of the bundles (results files)
  • expands on the file format available through the desktop export option as batch bundles are delivered in a CSV file format which includes an embedded full inquiry and X12 response, as well as payer specific response data

For more information, existing HDX clients should contact HDX Solution Services by clicking on the Information Center link on the Client Resource page and completing the Automated Batch Information Request form. All others should contact their HDX Sales Representative by calling 1-866-HDX-EDI1 (1-866-439-3341).

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