Reducing Bad Debt Through Patient Segmentation

This webcast highlights how a revenue cycle peer implemented an automated patient segmentation process that resulted in higher Point-of-Service (POS) collections, lower bad debt, and greater patient satisfaction. "Patient segmentation" is an approach that uses financial scoring to categorize patients for financial assistance and payment follow-up activities. Understanding a patient's financial category is critical to a properly functioning revenue cycle, since it helps to support an effective process that leads to the most satisfactory financial outcome for the patient and the provider. This webcast features speaker Brent Grimes, Administrative Director of Patient Account Services for INTEGRIS Health.
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Estimating Patient Bills to Increase POS Collections

This complimentary educational webcast highlights how a revenue cycle peer implemented a patient anticipated cost of treatment solution that resulted in higher point-of-service (POS) collections and greater patient satisfaction. Due to a lack of appropriate tools and established industry leading practices, most healthcare providers have been unable to provide credible patient pre-service out-of-pocket cost estimates. However, now it is possible for healthcare organizations to relieve patient frustration and give them what they have been asking for - clear and credible estimations of their financial responsibility before services are rendered. The featured speaker is Rhonda Stafford, Manager of Access Care Services, from St. John's Regional Medical Center and St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital.

Enhancing Patient Affinity and Staff Efficiency with On-line Payments

The current competitive environment among hospitals is fierce. To help retain your patients and ensure their loyalty, enhancing the total patient experience is critical. Bill payment can be one of the most frustrating parts of a patient's interaction with your organization. This free educational webcast will present a hospital peer's experience deploying an on-line bill payment solution, ultimately helping to improve patient satisfaction and increase staff efficiency. The featured speaker is Katherine Peterson, Director of Patient Accounts, Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) Medical Center.

Claim Status EDI – Baystate Health Finds Real Value

Claim Status transactions (HIPAA EDI 276/277) can be used by a healthcare provider to request the status of a healthcare claim after it has been submitted to the payer. The claim status transactions automate the request for information on the status of claims submitted, which reduces the provider's manual processes and associated costs. However, the majority of healthcare providers have not yet implemented claims status transactions. This educational webcast, featuring Charlene Czernich, Manager, Business Systems Support, Baystate Health, reviews a hospital's experience deploying claim status transactions, explaining how they can positively affect revenue cycle operations.


Breaking Old Paradigms of Point-of-service Collections

Today patients are demanding healthcare organizations provide the same information about their services as any other business. Foremost, the patient wants to know what they will owe a provider prior to the rendering of services. This podcast interviews Travis Gentry, President and Founder FHS Corporation, a pioneer in patient bill estimation solutions; it outlines the keys to creating credible patient estimates to enhance both point-of-service collections and patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Business Network Internet Radio Show – When HIPAA Violations Can Cost You Millions

HBN's Ron Nyman talks with HDX's privacy and security expert, Joseph McClure, about the multi-million dollar government fine against Cignet Health for HIPAA violations. What were the facts surrounding this case? What provisions of HIPAA did Cignet violate? What are the lessons to be learned so that you can avoid large penalties in the future? Click here to go to the HBN website to listen to the show.

Patient Identity Theft – A Financial Pandemic

On this podcast you will learn about the healthcare industry's growing threat from patient identity theft, a problem contributing to approximately $68 billion per year in healthcare fraud. This interview of Dan Johnson, Founder and President of SearchAmerica, an HDX business partner and leader in patient financial clearance solutions, includes strategies to recognize and prevent patient identity theft.

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